Finley the dog and Jordan the pet sitter at Bowling Green Bark For Life
Finley and his human, Jordan, at the 2019 Bowling Green / Warren County Bark For Life event

My Mission

At Finley’s Friends Pet Care, your and your pet’s comfort and happiness are my priorities! Whether you are leaving town for a few days, away from home for long hours during the day, or simply unable to walk your dog, take care of your cat’s litter box, or administer medications, I am here to help!

The decision to use a boarding facility, ask a friend or neighbor, or hire a pet sitter when you need to leave town is tough! I’m here to make that decision easier. In providing in-home pet care, I can allow your pet to have much less anxiety when it comes to your away time! I can keep your pets on their established routines, regular diet, and away from potential danger or illness (such as kennel cough).

About the Owner

My name is Jordan, and I am the animal lover behind Finley’s Friends Pet Care. I was raised in Bowling Green, KY, lived briefly in Louisville, KY, spent quite a while in Lakeland, FL, and have come back home to Bowling Green to stay! I have always loved the company of all animals and have found ways to work with them throughout my life. It was only natural to commit myself full-time to caring for them as a pet sitter and dog walker while their owners are away! Additionally, I love cycling, hiking, and looking for shark teeth on the beach.

Meet My Pets

While I get a chance to meet your pets, you might not get to meet mine, so here are Finley and his friends!

Finley dog hiking


Border Collie

I adopted Finley in December 2013 from a rescue in Tennessee. He has been my running buddy and hiking partner and occasionally follows me around while I’m cycling. He has some pretty severe anxiety problems, but we manage those and keep him healthy and happy! Finley loves playing with cats, slobbering on opossums, chasing squirrels, and herding dogs at the Bark Park.

Hardrock cat sitting


Domestic Shorthair

I adopted Hardrock in June 2012 from an emergency veterinary clinic I was working at in Florida after his previous owner could no longer keep him. He had previously been declawed on all four feet and now has stomatitis and nasal adenocarcinoma. He loves bringing me anything he can carry while meowing as loudly as he can!

Noodle cat sitting


Domestic Shorthair

I found Noodle in June 2019 on an exit ramp in Elizabethtown, KY. She was limp (as a noodle!) and almost dead from heat exposure and had a head wound. I am unsure if she was hit by a car or tossed from one, but she was a feral beast for several weeks until she finally warmed up to me. She is the clumsiest kitten I have ever met, and she loves to lay on me at all times.

I would love to set up a meet and greet to get to know you and your pets!