[Starting at $21.20 per visit]

A yorkie dog taking a potty break outside

Potty Break

Do your dogs need a potty break when you can’t get to them? I can make sure they stay on schedule!

Guinea Pig eating carrots

Feed & Water

Going to miss your pet’s regular feeding time? I’ve got you covered! I can also tube-feed animals with an esophagostomy tube in place.

A pit bull dog playing with a ball

Play Time

Even if your pets have a doggy door, automatic feeder, or litter box, they still need some companionship, and I am happy to provide it!

A cat sitting on a couch


Whether you’re unable to be home in time to administer your pet’s medication or if you just have difficulty doing it, I can help! I can give all varieties of medications, whether it goes in the mouth, ears, eyes, nose, or bum! I can also administer insulin and other injections.

A dog laying down

Subcutaneous (“Sub Q”) Fluids

Sometimes our pets need to receive daily “sub q” (or under the skin) fluids to stay hydrated when they are ill. This can be a daunting task, but I can take it off your hands and help your pet to feel better.

A golden retriever dog sitting

Heartworm, Flea, & Tick Prevention

Do you forget to give your pet his or her monthly prevention tablets, chewables, or topicals? Or does your pet simply just not allow you? I am happy to step in and take over as needed or on a monthly recurring schedule!

*All medications, fluids, and preventions must be provided by you or your veterinarian

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