House and Pet Sitting in and around Bowling Green and Warren County, Kentucky

Poofy, a shih-poo dog, enjoying being at home instead of at a boarding facility

I am available for traditional overnight combined house and pet sitting to assure the safety of your home and the happiness of your pet.

[$84.80 per night]

Leaving your pet behind when you need to go away can be a stressful experience for both you and your pet. I am here to make that easier for everyone! Being able to let your pet stay at home in his or her own environment is the most ideal situation. This allows for your dog or cat to maintain their daily routine, for your exotic pets to stay in their own habitats, and for you not to have to worry about illness (such as kennel cough) or injury from unfamiliar animals in a boarding facility. If your dog is used to walking around the block at certain times during the day, I will take him exactly as you would have! If your cat loves sitting on her cat tree during the day, she will be able to! Since I will be staying in your home, you will not have to worry about criminal activity.

I also offer pet sitting in the form of drop-in visits to your home throughout the day.

[Starting at $21.20 per visit]

If your home already has security measures in place, maybe you don’t need a house sitter. Unfortunately, our pets can’t always take care of themselves! I will drop in as frequently as you would like to feed and water, let your dog out to potty or go for a walk, scoop the litter box, administer medication, and perform any number of tasks your pets may require to be happy and comfortable while you are away. In addition to dogs and cats, exotic pets such as reptiles, fish, birds, and small mammals benefit from this type of pet sitting, and I am experienced and able to care for them as well.

Leopard gecko exotic pet sitting